Furniture has its own language. Finishes communicate values, promises, experience

We believe that manufacturing materials create an alphabet, a language with which furniture is presented to the surrounding environment. This is why the upholstery, shapes and construction process must be complementary and in chromatic harmony.
Through continuous creativity and constant research, Cabas has reached a balance that combines fabrics, woods, leather, weight, colors and movements. To confirm that the furniture has its own language that evolves over time and space.



Wood, fabric and leather. This triad sums care, tailoring and know how to produce Italian Cabas. All the Cabas collections are finely-crafted, choosing first quality fabrics and European leather tanned with only natural extracts. Shadows and differences in skin tones, in particular, give beauty and uniqueness to the product.
Cabas collections can also be customized with customer’s own material for a doubly exclusive seating: luxury in the finishes, uniqueness in the upholstery