Ergonomics and Safety


Ergonomics is the application of scientific information about human beings to the problems of design. 
Stephen Pheasant


Ergonomic activities in Cabas are an integral part of product design and prototyping. Cabas collections are defined, evaluated and then monitored throughout the entire development process. The fundamental criteria for good sitting postures are the basis from which Cabas items are developed in order to obtain quality seats that combines design, comfort and wellness.
Ergonomics undertakes the study of the relationship between human beings, items and environments to change things for the better
We like to think a seat as an anti-gravity device for the human body which helps people rest (and take the weight off their feet and knees) while performing tasks and activities such as working, being entertained or just chilling. Therefore the main purpose of a seat is to provide stable bodily support, being comfortable over time, physiologically satisfactory and appropriate according to use.

All Cabas furniture is evaluated according to following user requirements.
  • PRACTICALITY:easy to use, to move, to clean, to repair, to store
  • SAFETY:from falling, scraping, bruising, tripping and trapping
  • ADAPTABILITY:fitting human body shapes, people habits and behaviours
  • COMFORT:according to body curves. body support (soft & supportive), body thermo-regulation
  • RESISTANCE:to wear & tear, to physical forces. durability of the product and its surfaces
  • APPROPRIATENESS:to the specific task, activity and environment
  • PLEASANTNESS:attractiveness, appeal, look and feel

Many people benefits from Cabas ergonomics requirements: final users, buyers, service and maintenance personnel, owners


Cabas has always been very attentive to the safety and reliability of its collections.  Cabas is meant for hotels, restaurants and all those public place where furnishings undergo most strain much more intensive use than regular home décor. A trusted contract product is a guarantee of well-being, positive experiences and it invites, for example, to book a subsequent hotel stay or have lunch in a restaurant again and again.

Product Safety

Safety for us goes beyond compliance with European standards and laws: a product is considered safe when, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, it does not present any risk or presents only minimal risks compatible with the use of the item. Considering that our products are installed in restaurants, resorts, lounge areas, we carry out further constructive and mechanical tests to verify stability.

We operate  conscientiously. We do not take anything for granted

Product Reliability

Reliability is the ability of a product to perform certain functions during the conditions for which they were designed. This is why we plan accelerated and virtual tests to ensure compliance of Cabas collections with laws and to identify the limits within which an item by Cabas remains intact in use. By limits we mean, for instance, the maximum weight capacity, how many chairs can be stacked and other variables that do not structurally damage the purchased product.


Eu rules represent for the designer a useful starting point, a help rather than a constraint on creativity; for the producer are an indispensable tool to choose the most suitable materials for the intended use. We do not spare on product research and testing before production: Cabas collections are objectively safe, reliable and of incomparable quality without forgetting aesthetics.