Speaking about materials, textile designer Giulio Ridolfo writes:

I have always thought of textile as an “alphabet” that has an indissoluble bond with the shapes it dresses, such as in the fashion sector, or covers, as it does for many seating elements of the Cabas collection. The colour, weave and quality of a textile create the initial impact of a seat, therefore they must complement it as regards both material structure and chromatic harmony.

I have worked at length with Cabas to create a basic textile language which could simply and integrally convey the meaning of each seat. Within this language wool, cotton, synthetic fibres, leather and Trevira CS constitute design elements comparable, for example, to the solid and void elements of seating, with the simplicity and immediacy inherent in attractive, functional objects.

Through a continuously-developing creative process Cabas takes the harmonisation and integration of textile design with seating design to new heights. The wood quality is matched to the weight and colour of the textile or other upholstery material. Or, with a simple movement, pull-out surfaces create well-balanced formats. These are iust a few examples of a language that evolves in time and space: a dialogue between a chair’s design and its upholstery.