Why Cabas


We want final users to be happy and come back. We know that the shape and texture influence how clients consciously and subconsciously act in a given environment.

Comfort of our seating improves user experience and stay in your restaurant or accomodation

We care for ergonomics

All Cabas furniture is designed considering ergonomics principles of safety, pratictality, adaptability, comfort, resistance, appropriateness and pleasantness. We think that ergonomics plays a key role in the definition of luxury seating. Beyond endless finishes and top upholstery, an enhanced customer experience in hotels, restaurants, lounge areas or cruise ships passes by quality seating.

We are discreet

We work on important projects with prestigious companies and very demanding private customers. That's why you can count on our utmost discretion and strict confidentiality
Our furniture is meant to provide unique and memorable experiences

We partner with you

We speak your language, we know what troubles might occur while following a contract project and we know out to fulfil both your needs and final customers’ ones. Our 40-year experience in furniture design and manufacturing makes us your trusted partner. We help furniture professionals and buyers to select the best items according to location, target audience and wear level.
Need to customize? We can. We provide you with exceptional customer service whenever you need us...before, during and after the sale.




years of experience

custom finishes

worldwide shipping